Our Clients:

Our-clientsWhether you are self employed or running a small business, you can always hire our services. Vassistant.org is all set to deliver high end virtual assistant services to you. We also deliver such services for corporate offices and medium enterprises. We have vast experience in this field and this makes us the leader. Since the inception, we have strived hard to deliver the best bookkeeping, data entry, telephone answering, email and dairy management, customer support, website design, telesales and e-marketing like services.

Due to this reason, we have also managed to create a huge client base. Our clients are happy to receive these services. Due to this they are also extending the service time period in order to simplify their business process. We can handle all these tasks in the most reliable manner and this is what also helping our clients to offer a great attention towards their core business activities.

We have clients across the globe. In order to make things easier for them, we have also deployed and assigned latest technology. It is making the work easier for us and our clients are receiving the required services in time. Delivering right results in right time for our clients is our main objective