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Bookkeeping & Expenses


Vassistant.org offers a wide range of services to simplify the business process for its clients. Among all these services bookkeeping & expenses service is what we can deliver in the most professional manner. We understand your business needs and objectives and due to this reason, we have crafted such service on the basis of our client’s requirements.We strive hard to offer the best bookkeeping service for clients in order to take off the pressure from them in terms of handling the accounts related works. Through this service we can help you to keep track of the expenses that you can make for business expansion. For just any business, it’s important to maintain the financial record and day-to-day expenses. This is a laborious and time consuming work. So, you always need a professional hand to manage this task in the most efficient manner.In this regard, Vassistant.org can produce great help for you. In order to make this work look simple, we can also deploy professional advisors and the latest backend software. In this way, we strive hard to maintain all these records related to your business accounts and daily expenses in the most efficient and professional manner. Go for it now!

Email & Diary Management:

email-dairy-managementWe have a solid track record for offering extremely professional Email and Diary Management service to our clients. Since the inception, we have delivered this service in the best way to both small and medium businesses. With the hiring of such service, you will allow us to act like a virtual assistant who can work for you at the personal level. If you have an existing diary, then we can use it and make necessary corrections for it so that you will not miss any important appointments whatsoever.

We can even generate the new online dairy for you which will keep you updated about this aspect. The virtual assistant we will deploy can handle all your emails and can manage the dairy centrally. This virtual assistant can book appointments, fix the meetings as well as reservations for you. In this way, you are surely going to save a lot of time and money that you have invested for such works. Our virtual assistant is capable to make changes for your business travel arrangements as well as for business accommodations that you certainly need during a business tour.

This service is just great to be hired by the restaurant owners, letting agents, private drivers and therapists. Through our high end dairy management service, we can supply you the daily itinerary via SMA or emails. Such information will reach to you in advance so that you can get prepared for the schedule easily. We also supply clients the required information related to their journey like maps, details related to public transports and route details.

Telephone Answering:

telephone-answeringTelephone answering is such a service that many businesses exactly need in order to stay in touch with their clients and the market in which they are operating. Such service is designed to make things easier for you in terms of handling client’s phone calls and maintaining the record for the details they use to offer in terms of ordering products and services.

We are offering the best and the most professional Telephone answering service that can really help you handling these works in the most efficient manner. If you are looking for the best virtual receptionist, then we are here you help you. For just any enterprise, most of the new business comes through telephone. If you are unable to answer these phone calls in right time, then your chances to lose the business will go up. If the phone remains engaged, then also potential customers will not call up again.

But when you answer these calls in right time, potential clients will like to trade with you. This is how you can showcase how sincere you are in terms of managing and handling client’s queries. With the receptionist appointed at your office, you will not be able to handle many calls at a time or during a busy day. So, go for our Telephone answering service now to keep your clients happy.

Virtual Receptionist:

virtual-receptionistThese days, businesses are looking for virtual receptionist. Business owners have started understanding the need for a virtual receptionist. They know that having such facility at their disposal can really help them to take their businesses to new heights. If you are also looking for such service, then we are here to produce a great help for you. It’s our virtual receptionist service that can offer you a great way to manage phone calls, and to record client’s data in the best possible manner.

In this way, we can make the required information available to you. Hiring this service will help you to get details message right at the back office including the time and date. We will also produce the detail history as per the date. Now you can keep the information and necessary details updated. Our virtual receptionist can also collect the details like name and address of the client along with their phone number as well as email addresses.

Hiring and appointing our virtual receptionist for your business, will surely help you to take more business related calls in a hassle free manner. As most of the time business related trading comes through phone calls, through this service, you are surely not going to miss your trading chances further.

Customer Service Support:

customer-service-supportWhether you are operating a small business or a medium enterprise, you always need the best customer support service through which you can handle client’s queries and information easily. Businesses that were not able to produce such service for their clients have lost the way in the mid. If you will look for the past, then you can find several examples for how many business owners have lost their businesses just because of the fact that they were not able to offer customer support service.

And now with the increasing competition in the business world, clients and customers are looking for 24×7 customer support service. With that being said, you may want to hire a professional customer support service provider. In this regard, we can produce the best customer support service that will keep your clients happy and informed about what they need to know while doing business with you. Clients can just call up anytime.

They can come up with different queries related to your products and services. We can assign 24×7 customer support executives for you to handle all these queries and calls in the most professional manner. Offer such facility to your client and see where your business will move in terms of achieving business objectives.

Data Entry & Database Cleansing:

data-entryWhen you are looking for the best data entry and database cleansing service, the name Vassistant.org will surely appear at the top. We are offering highly professional data entry service through which you will be able to process huge data in both handwritten and typed format and it can be further processed into several other formats. This will help you in a great way to access such data quickly and in the best way.

Whether you have the business contacts which need to be entered into the database or you have the contact details of your customers that you want to organize while using the mailing list; with our data entry and database cleansing service this task can be performed in the most professional manner. No matter what sort of data you want to store and process, our professionals can do this for in the most efficient manner.

We can deploy the best virtual secretary for you in order to enter such data and to organize it. Once this will be done, it will become easier for you to utilize that data further to generate leads, to secure the sales and to create happening marketing campaign. We have a great experience in data entry. We can create and cleanse the database for different types of businesses that come from different sectors.

Website Design & Updates:

website-designIf you have a business, then you must need a website. Looking at the present market requirements, having a business website and updating it on a regular interval can enhance your chances to generate more leads and to find more customers in a hassle free manner. Having a website can help you to reach for global customers easily. With the traditional marketing methods, it can become tough for you to reach for customers who are located at the next corner of the world.

However, having a website can do miracles for you. Through this you can showcase your products and services before global audiences and can reach for them easily. It is also an inexpensive way to implement a solid marketing campaign. If you are yet to announce a website, then handle this task to us. With our website design and updates service, you will be able to generate a new look for your existing website. We can also handle such work for new websites.

Our team of professional web designers can implement the best design for your website in order to offer it a professional look. We will also update your website as per the requirement. In this way, we will help you and your client to stay updated about your products and services.

E-marketing / Mailing – including response handling:

e-marketingKeep in mind that your customers are your neighbours. So, you need to treat them properly and in the most professional manner. You need to handle their responses in a professional way and has to reply their emails in order to stay in touch with them. Well, to do all these works, you will need investing time and manpower. Sometime these tasks can appear to be critical for you. If this is what you are feeling now, then you should go for our e-marketing / mailing services.

Along with such services, we also offer response handling like service in order to make things easier for our clients. We will deliver this service on behalf of you which will strengthen your brand. In this way, you can showcase great care to your clients. Once they will start receiving responses to their emails and queries, they will also feel pampered.

In this highly competitive business world, you need to nurture and pamper your clients. In order to do this, you have to respond them in right time and in right manner. So, to do this you need to go for our e-marketing / mailing service that also include response handling like job.


telesaleVassistant.org offers the best and the most professional telesales service to add a new dimension for your business. Our telesales agents can handle the required task very efficiently. These professionals are specially trained and selected for your program. They are equipped with the ability to listen to the right tone and to convert it for your business success.

They can convert leads into the prospects and further they can convert them into customers for you. They have the ability to convert the calls into the sales for you. They are really helpful, courteous, and professional in what they do and how they do. Due to this reason, they can generate interest among your customers to trade with you and helps in retaining them on a long run. In order to achieve highest level of telesales results, they can even go for extra miles, as they are trained for it.

These people will be trained, monitored, as well as coached to handle the sales process on behalf of you in the most efficient manner. For generating great success for your business, we will allocate only highly experienced telesales professionals and as per your requirements. They will work for you directly from our dedicated place to handle telesales for you.